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12 Super Simple Wedding Photography Tips for Brides-To-Be

Your wedding is a day that you’ll always remember. Below are a few tips to keep in mind as you prepare for the portraits and imagery on your special day.

1. Take Engagement Photos. You shouldn’t feel nervous in front of the camera on your wedding day as it shows in your photos. To prepare for your big day, arrange an engagement shoot and/or pre-wedding bridal shoot to help you practice and feel more comfortable around your photographer.

2. Don’t skimp on a hair and makeup trial. You want to look and feel beautiful on your wedding day. That natural glow of confidence really comes out in your photos. It’s very important to schedule a trial with both your hair stylist and your makeup artist so that they know exactly how you want to look. You might even find that you don’t like the look you had in mind, something you should discover before the day and not on the day.

3. Choose your dress carefully. While you might have a very specific style in mind, the dress you choose might not be the best choice for your unique body shape. Your dress has a big impact on how you look in your photos so make sure that it compliments your body and that you feel super confident in it too. Take a few shots in your favorite dresses before you buy one to get a better idea of how you’ll look in photos.

4. Take your photographer along for the ride. If you will be traveling to the ceremony, find a way to have your photographer travel with you so that he or she can capture the moments leading up to the ceremony.

5. Sip a little champagne. Chances are you’re going to be a little nervous on your wedding day. Sip on some champagne while you get ready to take the edge off and feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

6. Have a laugh. Candid moments when you and your bridesmaids are laughing make for amazing shots. Get a few inside jokes going and enjoy the day together.

7. Lift your head. Because some brides are so nervous about walking down the aisle they’ll keep their heads low. Keep your chin up so your photographer can capture your face as you see your groom and all your guests.

8. Slow down. Take your time getting down the aisle. Listen to the music and take in the moment. Tell your bridesmaids not to rush either.

9. About that bouquet. When you and your bridesmaids walk down the aisle, aim to keep your bouquets close to your belly buttons. If you hold your bouquet too high you’ll end up blocking your faces.

10. Kiss a little longer. Your first kiss as a married couple is such a special shot so kiss a little longer to ensure your photographer gets the shot. Sometimes a guest might stand up and block your photographer’s view so give them a chance to capture the moment.

11. Use your bouquet when signing the marriage license. Instead of keeping your bouquet in your hand while signing the marriage license, place it on the table as it gives the photo a nice touch.

12. The more light the better. If you will be having an open-air reception, try and add as much light as possible to give your photos depth. You can use candles or twinkle lights to add extra lighting.

So, are you wedding planning and looking for a wedding photographer?

Are you all about capturing those unposed and authentic moments? Are those small wedding day details your jam?

Well, if you answered, "YES!" I'm ya girl! Let's chat!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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