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20 Places + Ways to Use Your Branding Photos

Updated: Apr 18

Your brand is how your business interacts with your clients, how those clients perceive you & your business, but more importantly, it's what distinguishes you from everyone else. Your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors and tells everyone,

"Hey, I'm a pro at what I do! You shouldn't even think twice about hiring me as I love what I do and it shows through my work."

What's the best way to represent that you are a pro at what you do and everything else in between? Well, in this social media world amazing brand photography will set you apart. Brand Photography is a collection of photos you love that align with and represent your brand’s aesthetic, values, lifestyle, and personality.

I have had the honor of capturing some amazing brands who have spent so much time and money prepping for the brand shoot and then not adequately utilize the images once their session is done. Time and money are valuable and I don't want you wasting either one, so here are 20 ways you can use those AMAZINGLY ON-BRAND PHOTOS, once you have them.

Here are 20 ideas:

  1. Instagram Posts + Instagram Stories

  2. Profile Photo (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

  3. Product Listings

  4. Presentation Slide Deck

  5. Business Cards

  6. Website

  7. Blog

  8. Media/Press Kit

  9. Email Signature

  10. Publications or Press Submissions

  11. Upcoming Sale or Promotion Graphics

  12. Facebook Posts, Facebook Header + Facebook Ads

  13. Price Guide or Brochure

  14. Email Newsletter

  15. Contracts or Service Agreements

  16. Use Gallery to Communicate Your Brand Aesthetic to Your Graphic or Web Designer

  17. Branded Goods: Stationary, Mugs, T-Shirts, etc.

  18. Product Packaging or Book Cover

  19. Thank You Cards, Postcards, or Mailings

  20. Pinterest Graphics

I hope this helps when it comes to figuring out where you can use your brand photography imagery!

So, if you have used your brand photography imagery in a way not listed above please share below! I'll be updating and adding to this list periodically and sharing again!

Now, if you're ready to stop talking and start taking action let's get you on booked and create some bangin' imagery for your brand. I'm ready to help make your brand vision a reality! Let me capture your brand story. Set up your branding session right here!


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