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3 Signs It’s Time to Book That Personal Branding Shoot

Your personal brand is your story and if there’s one thing that brings a story to life, it’s images.

If you are using the wrong images, you could be creating the wrong first impression. But how can you tell whether it’s time to capture new photos?

1. That Doesn’t Quite Look Like You Anymore

How old are the images you’re using? If someone would barely recognize you if they met you in person after seeing your photos, it’s time to contact a personal branding photographer. Again, when people meet who they’re expecting to, it instantly creates more trust. People want to do business with someone they trust.

2. Your Images Don’t Fit Together (Not Cohesive)

You don’t need text to tell a story when you have the right images, but the images need to flow for this to work. If you look at your website and social media pages and you can’t quite tell that everything is related to your brand, it’s time for that photo session. You want potential clients, customers or employers to instantly recognize when a social media post or blog is linked to your personal brand – that is the power of images.

Just think of a pastry chef throwing a bunch of items in a bowl and hoping it makes a delicious cake.

3. You’re a Stock Photo Junkie

Stock photos absolutely have a place. Unfortunately, chances are, there are several other websites and Instagram feeds that are using exactly the same imagery as you – not quite original, is it? If there is one thing that personal brands need to be, it’s authentic, which is why it’s always best to use as many original images as possible.

Personal branding photoshoots are not just for capturing photos of you either. Your photographer can capture your office, the tools you use, your products, and even some of your processes. There really is no need to use stock photos unless you really have to fill a space in a hurry.

Is it time to contact a photographer yet? If this is the year you want to show who you really are, now is the perfect time to schedule a personal branding photoshoot with a professional personal branding photographer, like me 🙋🏾‍♀️. I'm here to help you! Grab my Branding Session Checklist by clicking here and get ready to curate imagery that will connect with your ideal client and convert into real dolla bills, y’all!



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