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Get Your Personal Branding Content to Go the Extra Mile

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Content plays a key role in every personal brand – it’s what gets you noticed. Unfortunately, the reality is that brands and entrepreneurs are posting content every day. This can mean that your content gets lost in the noise, but it doesn’t have to.

So, what’s the solution? The answer lies in evergreen content.

Yes, timely posts and blogs will always have a place in your social media feed and on your website, but evergreen content is what’s going to keep you relevant for longer.

Basically, evergreen content is what positions you as an expert and helps you stand out. And when people keep coming back to a particular piece of content, Google recognizes the relevance and keeps your rankings high.

How to Get Evergreen Content Right

  • Before you start writing your content, explore topics that your audience will find interesting and that are linked to your brand. It has to fit your personal branding MO.

  • Next, you want to spend time on research. To make a piece of content evergreen, it can’t contain any specific dates or facts that won’t be relevant in the next 5 years – unless you feel you will be able to update this information in the coming years and remember to do so.

  • You also want to pay attention to what competitors are putting out there because you want your content to be better.

  • Then there’s social media. Have a quick look at the questions people are asking around the topic you’re thinking about covering to ensure you’re including the most relevant and interesting information.

  • If you’re planning to make evergreen content a regular thing, add a few different topics and deadlines to a content calendar. You also want to plan how you’re going to promote your content. The more reach the better!

Now that you know how to make evergreen content work for your personal brand, make sure that your website and online profiles have been updated and are consistent before you start promoting anything. This is a good time to add updated personal branding photos to your profiles too. First impressions are everything and you want to make sure that anyone who searches for your profile after reading your expert content is convinced that you’re a true professional.

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