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How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids

We’ve all been there. Imagine your child is being absolutely adorable, with a big smile on his or her face, dancing and laughing, and just being a kid. Then, you pull out your camera to snap a photo so you can remember that moment forever… and the photo just doesn’t do the moment justice at all.

But truly, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right skills and a good eye, you can capture those special fleeting moments with your kids and treasure them forever. Here are a few tips you can use during the next photo-worthy moment -- whether it’s at a birthday party, on your little one’s first day of school, or simply during playtime in the comfort of your home.

Let them keep moving

You don’t need to have your kid frozen in place to get a great photo. Let your child keep moving -- it’ll help you capture a more genuine moment.

Take lots of photos

Don’t be afraid to take a lot of photos of your kids, even more than you think you need. Kids move fast, and sometimes the cutest moments go by in the blink of an eye.

Play, don’t pose

You’re not trying to capture fake, posed smiles. You’re looking for genuine, excited, giggly smiles. If your little one is having a great time and they’re feeling truly happy, their emotions will shine through on their face.

Don’t use flash

Look for natural light -- it’s much softer and more flattering than the flash. That doesn’t mean you have to go outside -- if you’re inside, look for a window!

Get on their level

Crouch down so you (and your camera) are at eye-level with your kids. It’ll give you a better angle and helps you see the world from their perspective.

Whether you’re working with a fancy DSLR camera or just the camera on your phone, these tricks will definitely help you get great, natural photos of your adorable kids. Looking to step up your photography game even more? Consider taking my basic digital photography class. Click here for more information on class availability.

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