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Mini vs Standard Photography Sessions: What You Need to Know

Mini vs Standard Photography Sessions

Since we are in the midst of Spring Mini Session season I have noticed that many people get mini sessions and standard sessions confused. There is a difference between the two. If you’re in the midst of planning a photography session, whether it’s for your newborn baby or just a general family session, you’ve probably heard the term ‘mini session’ mentioned quite a bit.

There are a few differences when it comes to a mini photography session vs a custom (standard) session. Here’s what you need to know before you decide which shoot is best for you.

Time Limits

This is of course one of the main differences between the two sessions. A standard photography session will last an hour or two while a photographer will usually book several mini sessions in one day since they only last about 25 – 30 minutes at most.

Number of Photos

While your photographer will still try and shoot as many photos as possible during your mini session, you will naturally end up with fewer photos than you would if you had booked a \standard session. A standard session generates between approximately 30 - 40 images while a mini session will give you about 10 images.

Cost of Session

As you expected a mini session will cost less than a standard session. Just remember that while a mini session is less money you will naturally end up with fewer photos and less session time than you would if you had booked a standard session.

Which session type is best for you?

You may be surprised to find that many of my clients actually choose both! Often my clients will opt for the standard session for the entire family at a location of their choice. This gives them more time to play around with poses, props and wardrobe changes. While they opt for mini sessions to get a few great photos of the kiddos as a compliment in between the custom sessions.

Regardless of which you choose, I look forward to getting you in front of my lens and capturing your essence and family moments! What's even better is that my Spring 2019 Mini Session dates are NOW available!

You can book your session right here!



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