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What Content to Post on Instagram to Boost Your Personal Brand

Instagram might be a good place to share moments with friends and family, but if you have a personal brand, it can also be a good platform for finding new clients and potential business partners.

However, if you want Instagram to work for your personal brand, you have to post the right content – here are some top recommendations:

  1. Make it about you. Your Instagram feed shouldn’t be all business, your followers want to get to know you too. Use Instagram to introduce yourself regularly. It can be a photo of you with a quote or a part of your personal story. Make sure you have a series of professional photos you can share for these types of posts.

  2. Tell them what you stand for. Next, you want to find ways to share more about your philosophy and values. These posts should be based on your core reasons for creating your brand or business.

  3. Educate them. Another idea is to use Instagram to educate your followers. What information would they find interesting based on their reasons for following you? Again, don’t forget to use relevant and eye-catching images for this.

  4. Share your creations. Finally, there’s your work, your pride and joy. Find ways to share your products, services or achievements on Instagram in a visually appealing way.

Instagram can be a powerful marketing tool, but there are some key rules you need to follow. Along with posting the best possible content, it’s also important to be consistent and to have variety. Create a social media calendar to ensure your followers are hearing from you regularly. And if you don’t have professional images available, now is a good time to enlist the services of a professional personal branding photographer.

Grab my Branding Session Checklist by clicking here and get ready curate images that will connect with your ideal client and convert into real dolla bills, y’all!



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