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There's more to the perfect photo than meets the eye! It's more than just the photographer capturing your essence and doing a few edits and then producing beautiful images for you to use any and everywhere. We all have responsibilities when it comes to a successful portrait session and as a client, your preparation for your session is just as pivotal as the photographers' obligation to capture your vision. I provide ALL of my clients with a session prep guide prior to their session that help lay out fashion + style tips, kid prep, and make-up prep along with other helpful suggestions. In my opinion make-up is NOT an option. No matter how "FLAWLESS" you think your skin is, makeup is needed to enhance your beauty because the camera captures everything! I have several makeup artists in my several and on my preferred vendors on my list, so I sat down with Alyshia Jackson of Addie J Beauty and she gave some awesome tips to share with all of you!

This is what Alyshia had to say...

One of the most important pieces of a professional portrait session and your wedding is the makeup. For too long women have received negative feedback that could be intimidating. This negativity can discourage some from stepping out of their comfort zone and their ability to slay a professional makeup application. As an artist before anything, I advocate for loving your natural beauty but I find nothing wrong with enhancing your features with makeup. Working with a professional makeup artist gives women the opportunity to indulge in the experience of a luxury service. The client looks beautiful, feels great, and their confidence is boosted in front of the lens. A makeup artist will be able to help smooth the skin, hide any blemishes, and enhance your natural features. As a result, your photographer will have to do less retouching during the editing process.

Check out these helpful tips below!

General Client Tips:

  • Do not try to talk your artist down in price. You are paying for high quality services that require a lot of time, training, expenses, and massive amounts of dedication.

  • Arrive with a clean face.

  • Trust your artist, know you are in good hands but do not be afraid to be vocal about your expectations.

Bride Tips:

  • Begin your search for your makeup artist early! Give yourself time to research different artists until you find the perfect match.

  • Bridal trials are highly recommended! It gives the bride and the artist an opportunity to collaborate and make they are achieve the look of her dreams.

  • Your artist should provide you with a Bridal Makeup contract that explains their policies and fees. It is your job to make sure you read thoroughly and understand.

  • Never tell your makeup artist, "I want to look like Kim Kardashian". Instead create and share a Pinterest board of makeup applications that reflect the type of look you want your artist to achieve.

Tips for other Makeup Artists:

  • Always provide the best customer service experience.

  • Show recurring and new clients that you appreciate them and offer incentives occasionally.

  • Sanitize. Sanitize. Sanitize.

  • Network and build relationships.

  • Build a preferred vendor list for your clients.

  • Stay current and relevant.

  • Never stop educating yourself.

  • Build a good online presence for your brand.

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